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Canada is a North American state that has an area of 9,984,670 square kilometers and a population of 33,311,389 inhabitants and is located in the northernmost tip of the continent.

Litter is the capital of Ottawa.

The climate in Canada is continental. All northern regions belong to the Arctic, for 7 or 8 months, with temperatures below 0 º C. In the center of the country are even lower temperatures (-10 º C in the Lake Superior and -30 ° C in the Hudson Bay). On the Atlantic coast between 0 º C and -5 º C. Coniferous forests occur in southern areas of the Arctic. North is covered by tundra, shrub heath, moss and lichen.

In the Southeast, the milder climate, there are deciduous in the southwest, on the prairie, steppe. The mountains of the West in its oceanic part, are covered with great forests of conifers, while the interior plateaus have poor vegetation.