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Near Niagara Falls, there are important variety of middle class hotels or three stars hotels which are specially designed for families and couples but they are also prepared for people who travel for business.

The rooms in general have got twin beds, extra large beds or double beds. Satellite television, high speed Internet (some wireless all over the hotel rooms, air conditioner and phone. This New York Hotels near Niagara Falls give a lot of extra services as outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, rooms just for smokers, free parking in some cases.

Some of these hotel also give an important service for the guest as for example the possibility of changing money, for that you have a bureau de change. Also you have a restaurant, pub, sauna, gym room, all tourist report you can need, laundry and cleaning among others. And of course you mustn’t forget all these hotels are designed for disable people to feel comfortable.

Many of these hotels of New York have a kind of building designed specially for businessmen so there are comfortable rooms for lectures, exhibitions and so on. Besides different services as safe, fax etc.

As they are so near Niagara Falls, New York, it makes possible that the tourist can arrive up to the commercial area on foot or by any means of transport and it will only take him some minutes and don’t forget you can rent a car too.

For those who stay in New York Hotels must prepare their Identity card and passport beforehand to avoid any inconvenience when they want to cross the frontier.

Niagara Falls Hotels, New York which offer these services belong to three star hotel category.