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In Niagara City, Ontario, there are different Topic museums. Ripley´s Believe it or Not Museum, for example, is a bit strange. It shows films on people who have made “adventure” activities as to throw from a barrel in the Falls to interactive activities. You´ll find Guinness World Records Museum too. The Wax Museum shows wax famous artist faces from all over the World.

These museums can be visited by disable people too, because they have platforms for wheeling chairs.

They are open every day all year round with different times in winter from Autumn and Spring and from Summer.

You can run them freely and you can take your camera or video with you. Only in Guinness World Records Museum is banned to reproduce the material taken if it is with commercial ends, including Web sites.

These museums are located in Niagara City, Ontario, and you´ll find parkings just near them.

The cost of the tickets is about 11 to 20 American dollars and in some cases under 5 don´t pay, of course if they are under the responsibility of an adult.


In Niagara City, Ontario, there are different zoos which open their doors to thousand of tourists every year.

The Bird Kingdom Niagara Falls Aviary, for example, has got birds from all over the world, concentrating a lot of birds from Australia, South America and Africa. A lot of these species are free so you will be able to see them only rising your eyes a bit. This Zoo also offers you different programs and shows to teach tourists about shown bird species, among other things.

The Natural Zoo Park of Ontario, is another option within this interesting educative offer. It has got 44,51hectears and has got a lot of exotic and tame animals. The Natural Zoo Park of Ontario also has restaurants, gardens and picnic, games, trolley excursions, shows and so on.

The Bird Zoo and The Natural Zoo Park of Ontario are specially prepared for disable people to use wheelchairs. There are restaurants, souvenir shops, and it is organized for people of all age can enjoy it without getting bored. The tickets are about 21 to 25 American dollars.