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North America continent also called New World and Western Hemisphere, has an area of 42,044,000 square miles and 910,717,000 people.

The distance between Point Barrow, at 72 degrees North latitude and Cape Horn, at 56 degrees South latitude, is 16,000 kilometers. To the northwest of the land mass is located on the island of Greenland (2,175,000 square kilometers), which is considered part of the continent.

He is surrounded by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic.

North America has 448,796,026 square kilometers and 24,096,580 inhabitants.

Geography of North America

North America increases its width towards the north and is the largest continental mass transverse dimension. The most important morphological elements are: the Canadian Shield in the North and Northeast, the system of the Appalachians in the east and the Rocky Mountains in the northwest, extending into Mexico, with the name of Sierra Madre Oriental.

Hydrography of North America

In the Atlantic, from north to south, stands the St. Lawrence River, with an area of 3,000 km and empties into New York.

There are other major rivers like the River Michigan, Huron, Erie, Hudseon, the Mississippi River with 6460 miles, and the Brabo River (or Rio Grande) which forms the border with Mexico and the United States.