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Ontario is a province of Canada 1,076,395 square kilometers and 12,792,619 inhabitants.

The capital city of Ontario is Toronto.

There are two regions: the Laurentian or Southern Ontario, between the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence and Ottawa, Ontario and the Northwest.

The climate is continental, slightly warm in the south by the influence of the Great Lakes.

The Northwestern Ontario was abandoned for a long time until the late nineteenth century came the railways, and is home with them, export micron (about one third of total production value of the Canadian extractive sector comes from Ontario): nickel, copper, platinum, zinc, lead, silver, iron, gold, cobalt. In the mining region have installed numerous hydroelectric plants. Cerrerías industries, pulp and paper mills. Flour mills.

The Southern Ontario has an agriculture and a thriving manufacturing industry. Livestock and dairy industries. Metallurgy, petrochemicals, textiles, etc., mainly located in large centers in Ontario: Hamilton, Toronto, London, Winsor, Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, etc.).