Restaurants in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls ŧ Restaurants

Niagara City has got an important different levels and characteristic Restaurants. Some of them are located into the hotels themselves, others into different leasure or cultural centers, as the observation tower or the zoos. But there are also privates restaurants along Niagara region and they have got sophisticated and very well characterized services.

Some of them offer you different red meat dishes specially elaborated as steak with butter fried mushrooms or tongue rolls with an exotic preparation. There are also chicken menus, fish menus being the Salmon the most used. But donīt panic, you can also eat more popular dishes as pastries.

Most of Niagara Falls restaurants give you an special menu for children. They are typical plates internationally known, as pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches and to accompany them of course the never lacking fried potatoes.

The prices are from 25 dolars and they have a direct relation with the Restaurant level and the kind of menu you choose. If you eat a hamburger, the cost will be low. As a tradition in all Niagara Falls, the prices include not only the dish value and the VAT, but also a tip for employees and it is about the 10% of it.