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They give you different living spectacles for every likes and ages. You will have the possibility to see the Beauty and the Beast with special effects and scenery. Spectacles of magic with tigers and birds. And the high level musicals.

A show Festival is organized where all spectacles, particularly known for being old and not to performed by other companies. Of course it is an spectacle for all ages and disable people. The ticket is about 52 dollars.

One of the amazing things are adventure films performed by Imax theatres. They tell stories and myths and all the emotion and vertigo of the challenging Niagara Falls. Of course its environment is decorated for that. A giant screen and digital sound give you the feeling of being inside the movie. It depends on the subject of the films that some children will not let go. As a general rule you won’t be let use cameras or videos. Of course this place is also prepared for disable people.