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The state of New York is located in the Northeastern United States between the Atlantic and Great Lakes.

Framed by two plains in the southeast region of New Yotk and Northwest on the edge of Lake Ontario and Lake Wrie, the state extends mainly on plateaus.

A pit of 400 miles, drained by the Hudson and Mohawk, was the only way of easy communication between the Atlantic and Great Lakes.

The state of New York as much with a population of 19,297,729 inhabitants and an area of 141,299 square kilometers of which 13.5 percent (19,016 square kilometers) is covered by water.

Agriculture is mainly oriented towards the development of dairy and meat production, fruit trees and garden crops are cultivated corn and forage crops for livestock feed.

Zinc is the most prominent of its mineral resources. The corridor formed by the Mohawak and Hudson is a large industrial region (manufacturing industries), whose most active center is the city of New York, concentrating in the metropolitan area nearly two thirds of the state's population. The state's second largest city is Buffalo, which is over a million inhabitants.