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The Eskimo people inhabit arctic Greenland, Baffin Island, Labrador, Hudson Bay, northwestern Canada, Alaska and northern Liberia.

Its yellow individuals are of Mongoloid race and live mainly from hunting and fishing (reindeer, fish, seals and walruses) and trade in products (oil, ivory).

The Eskimo is perfectly adapted to the environment, living in log cabins or summer slates and shelters carved into the ice in winter.

Their basic social organization is the family, without forming tribes, although there is some clustering winter time religious manifestations based on animism.

Marine experts are with small skin boats (kayak) or with large wooden boats (umiak) with those who venture into the ocean.

The Eskimos are also great sculptors and carvers. The first samples of walrus ivory dating back to 800 BC, appearing after the masks of wood or whalebone in Alaska.

Also they are good designers and maintaining a culture of oral transmission (narrators).