Niagara Falls Ontario Travel

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It is our intention to show you the amazing natural attractions of Canada together a tourist information of this paradisiacal place. Besides we want to give you a general report of tourist services Niagara Falls Ontario and New York have to offer you. We believe after looking at this imposing nature image you won’t be able to resist the temptation of coming.

This natural treasure attracts 14 million tourists every year, who find on arriving, The City is very well prepared to face and satisfy all necessities and wishes of tourist who choose this fascinating Place to spend their vacations.

Between United States and Canada frontier, one of the biggest Water Spring is found. Everybody who visits it gets surprised and excited. It is something that no human creature should stop visiting. Knowing everything about it in Niagara Falls Travel. Visit Ontario Province and Toronto Too.

If you imagine a Falls of about 236 meters over sea level just at the bank of River, surrounded by a heavenly landscape you can´t avoid going. Niagara Falls Canada is a group of different size Falls up to 51 meters high (167feet), from where 5720m3 or water fall per second, you can´t imagine it. You must see it.
Read more general information about this natural attraction in The Falls , then you´ll have to travel to this magic world, a world that you must visit at least once, and when you do it you´ll want to comeback.


In this photo you can see the N.F. from NY on your left and the N.F. from Canada on your right. The Horseshoe to right.


Here the “Maid of the Mist “, carrying people at the bottom of Horseshoe. One of the nice activities you can have in Niagara Falls Ontario. it´s really recomended. you can´t lose it.

New York

As you can see, this photo show you the power of water falling in New York. If you stand on the footbridge you will surely get wet.

Tourist Commentary

This place deserves to be visited in any time of year!! The Falls are wonderful!! Don´t have a doubt about , you will love it. And in winter, if the ship doesn´t run, you can go into the cave or go up the Skylon, an observation tower. But go on, you will enjoy visiting this place in Ontario Canada and joining a lot of the activities they have to offer you.